Information is the most important weapon in the battleground for digital wallets.

Dave McKay, CEO of RBC, in a recent interview on CNBC asserted that "Information is the other critical driver of [digital wallets]. To stay relevant to your customer, to understand your customer, you have to see how they are interfacing with merchants, interfacing on the Internet, and being digitally relevant is absolutely critical."

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Many VCs have poured money into bitcoin/blockchain startups realizing the potential of what could become the “IC engine” of FinTech, and rightly so. Some of these startups are at the cutting edge of problem-solving. Also, investment of time, energy and money from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Visa and NASDAQ has proved that bitcoin/blockchain hold a lot of real potential in FinTech.

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During the holidays, I traveled outside the U.S., and in less than four days my EMV-enabled credit card was compromised. It made me question the supposed efficacy of EMV as a fraud deterrent.

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شرکت Diebold

شرکت Diebold بزرگترین تولید کننده آمریکایی خودپرداز است که سابقه ای 150 ساله در این صنعت دارد.این شرکت سهامی عام در زمان تاسیس(1859) تولید کننده گاوصندوق بود.سهام این شرکت در بازار بورس سهام نیویورک با نماد DBD مورد معامله قرار می گیرد. دی-بولد تا پایان 2012 درآمد 3 میلیارد دلار را اعلام کرده است.رقیب این شرکت،  WincorNixdorfآلمانی است.

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